Airfix 1/72 A-4C Skyhawk

The Skyhawk is a great little kit,as we’ve become accustomed to from Airfix. Detail is refined with a slightly pebbled surface that looks good under paint. The kit goes together very well with little need for filler. Below you can see the detail on the engine fan face and the engine exhaust… which is buried very far inside the fuselage.

I painted the fan and exhaust silver and gave them a quick wash of Oil paint lamp black thinned with lighter fluid. The lighter fluid dries quick and allows one to move on quickly.IMG_0672-0

I opted to close the speed brakes since unless they are under maintenance, they are usually closed on the ground. Here you can see the fine fit of the parts.IMG_0673-0

Here you can see the fit of the intakes to the fuselage sides. I would say this is the worst fit to be found in the entire kit. The parts needed some careful clean up and there was still a small at the rear of the intake.IMG_0674-0

I took care of the gap with some Vallejo Plastic filler. This is a great tool and made quick work of the gap .IMG_0675-0

The cockpit was nicely detailed and the kit decals were more than sufficient to represent the instrument panels. I applied a thin wash of oil paint to subdue the bright white on the panels. I also used a Pavla resin ejection seat since I had one on hand. The kit seat looks great though too. The Pavla seat did sit a little high in the cockpit though and precludes closing the canopy.IMG_0676-0



Once the fuselage was glued together, the cockpit was masked to spray the IP deck. In fact, I normally spray my entire model black for priming purposes and to start the panel shading.IMG_0679-0

The drop tanks are a little mis-shappen in the middle, but I didn’t bother to try and fix them… under the wing it’s hard to tell there is an issue with them.IMG_0680-0

The TER came from an Academy F-8 Crusader kit. I triedto vary the color of the ordnance for a little variety.IMG_0681

Another shot so that you can tell just how well detailed this kit is… these are the main wheels before the oil wash is applied. IMG_0682

The kit decals went down well with some setting solution. The vortex generators provide an extra obstacle for them to lay down over. IMG_0683

Once the decals were mostly down, I touched up where the decal had torn around the vortex generators.IMG_0684

Images below of the completed kit. I highly recommend picking one up for a relaxing build.IMG_0685















Modeling 1LT Dick Winters D-Day C-47: Complete

Stand up! Hook up! Equipment Check! Count off! Stand in the Door!

Go! Go! Go!

So it wasn’t a bad build. I had two issues, the fuselage windows gave me an issue or two… wherein, I glued them in the wrong way…so that the window framing was on the inside. I had to pop those out and redo them. Then the laser printed serial decals silvered on me. I suppose that I could have fixed it but …hey, it’s a hobby.

I did put the para-racks on the bottom so as far as I know, this is the first 100% correct D-day C-47, because I’ve never seen one with them before. I also used baremetal foil to mask the windows…works great but taking the glue off the window caused an issue since I used acrylics for painting….hard to clean without damaging the paint. In any case… on to the pics.











Modeling 1LT Winters D-Day C-47: Markings

I used vinyl masks created for me by Joe Osborn at Fireball decals. They were a bit tricky to use because they were hard to get to conform to the forward fuselage, but they turned out OK. So I’m over the hump on this model I think… Just decals for the rest of the markings and then some light weathering and I can seal it all.




Modeling 1LT Winters D-Day C-47: Stripes!

Spent an hour or so masking the Invasion stripes this afternoon. In spite of measuring twice and cutting once, 8mm for the width of the stripes just didn’t want to work correctly. I ended up cutting at 9mm and eyeballing it. I think it came out OK. There are some slight issues on the bottom, but I’m not going to redo it….

There’s a very slight bit of white overspray as well…but once I do final weathering, it’ll disappear.




Modeling 1LT Winters D-Day C-47

I painted the Dakota with Vallejo Model Color Black Grey diluted with Windex and a couple of drops of Golden Mediums GAC-200 which enhances the adhesion and firmness of the acrylic paint. If you use the cheap acrylic paints that can be had for a dollar at Hobby Lobby, the GAC-200 is a must add.

After spraying the black grey, I painted the bottom with Vallejo Neutral Grey, and the top with Vallejo Olive Drab. Highlights of the grey were done with grey and ivory, and buff was added to the olive drab to lighten it up.

Next up I need to start masking for the Invasion stripes.



Modeling 1LT Winter’s D-Day C-47 from Band of Brothers

I’m using the new Airfix kit to model Dick Winter’s C-47 from Band of Brothers. I cobbled together information from various internet sites to determine what his serial, stick, and call signs were for the aircraft he was assigned to. It’s ready for the paint shop now. This is the first time that I’ve tried masking windows with Bar Metal Foil. It seems to have worked pretty well.