Airfix Swordfish (New Mold)

The new Airfix Swordfish is in a word: awesome.  It’s not without it’s negatives, but overall my assessment of this kit is that it’s going to produce a wonderful replica at an affordable price.  You can read a review of it here at Hyperscale.  After cleaning up the parts you can see below how well the rather complicated cockpit parts fit into the fuselage side.  Note especially the fit along the sidewall and of the curved brace into its locating hole.  In my opinion, that type of fit is pretty nice.


But wait it can’t all be hugs and kisses for this kit right?  It’s true.  I read somewhere online that the sprue gates on this kit were “primitive”.  That’s as good a word as any that I can think of for them.  They are big and clunky, not at all like what we’re used to seeing from Tamiya, Eduard, or even Revell AG.  That means you’re going to have to spend a great deal of time cleaning up attachment points.  You’re also going to have to be very careful removing parts from the trees. The huge attachment points led to some in the box damage that I had to try and fix.  In the image below, on the cockpit aft deck, you can see where the port gunners cockpit side was snapped.  Also on the internal framework, you can see where a port section of framework is missing and a 2nd snapped off section has been re-attached on the starboard side.  Luckily both these parts are under the deck, but if Airfix had engineered these sprue gates a little better, the damage could have been avoided.


I also avoided issues with the gunners forward bulkhead by removing the locating points on the framework sidewalls. (See the image below)  I glued this part to the cockpit deck and there’s no need for it to have any other attachment points inside of the framework.


One other item I noted was that there are no color call outs on the instruction sheets.  I found a source online and printed them to a pdf sheet to keep handy with my instructions during the build.  you can download the sheet here.