Airfix 1/72 A-4C Skyhawk

The Skyhawk is a great little kit,as we’ve become accustomed to from Airfix. Detail is refined with a slightly pebbled surface that looks good under paint. The kit goes together very well with little need for filler. Below you can see the detail on the engine fan face and the engine exhaust… which is buried very far inside the fuselage.

I painted the fan and exhaust silver and gave them a quick wash of Oil paint lamp black thinned with lighter fluid. The lighter fluid dries quick and allows one to move on quickly.IMG_0672-0

I opted to close the speed brakes since unless they are under maintenance, they are usually closed on the ground. Here you can see the fine fit of the parts.IMG_0673-0

Here you can see the fit of the intakes to the fuselage sides. I would say this is the worst fit to be found in the entire kit. The parts needed some careful clean up and there was still a small at the rear of the intake.IMG_0674-0

I took care of the gap with some Vallejo Plastic filler. This is a great tool and made quick work of the gap .IMG_0675-0

The cockpit was nicely detailed and the kit decals were more than sufficient to represent the instrument panels. I applied a thin wash of oil paint to subdue the bright white on the panels. I also used a Pavla resin ejection seat since I had one on hand. The kit seat looks great though too. The Pavla seat did sit a little high in the cockpit though and precludes closing the canopy.IMG_0676-0



Once the fuselage was glued together, the cockpit was masked to spray the IP deck. In fact, I normally spray my entire model black for priming purposes and to start the panel shading.IMG_0679-0

The drop tanks are a little mis-shappen in the middle, but I didn’t bother to try and fix them… under the wing it’s hard to tell there is an issue with them.IMG_0680-0

The TER came from an Academy F-8 Crusader kit. I triedto vary the color of the ordnance for a little variety.IMG_0681

Another shot so that you can tell just how well detailed this kit is… these are the main wheels before the oil wash is applied. IMG_0682

The kit decals went down well with some setting solution. The vortex generators provide an extra obstacle for them to lay down over. IMG_0683

Once the decals were mostly down, I touched up where the decal had torn around the vortex generators.IMG_0684

Images below of the completed kit. I highly recommend picking one up for a relaxing build.IMG_0685















Modeling 1LT Winter’s D-Day C-47 from Band of Brothers

I’m using the new Airfix kit to model Dick Winter’s C-47 from Band of Brothers. I cobbled together information from various internet sites to determine what his serial, stick, and call signs were for the aircraft he was assigned to. It’s ready for the paint shop now. This is the first time that I’ve tried masking windows with Bar Metal Foil. It seems to have worked pretty well.

Emhar Sturmpanzerwagen A7V 1/72

I’ve had this kit in the stash for a while and wanted to do something quick and easy. What’s easier than a 1/72 scale box on treads, am I right? As with most things, it got a little more involved. I didn’t want to do Mephisto so a small change was in order to do Wotan. I had to scratch build the main gun mount. Wasn’t hard but not out of the box either. As for the build it would have really been nice if Emhar had put in some inner framework to hang the side plates on…. If you build this kit, DO NOT glue anything to the bottom plate. Start gluing sides together and then trim the bottom plate to slip up into the side plates. The whole way this thing fits together inside is wonky and if you start out gluing things to the bottom plate you will end up throwing it into the trash.

Concentrate on those outside corners…. It is the only visible part of the tank that matters. With that… Here are some pics.




Airfix 1/72 A6M2 Model 21 Zero Finished

Below are some images of my completed Airfix Zero. I think this is a great little kit for the price. I have one complaint… the main wheels are horrible. There is no rim definition at all. If you use what little there is to paint the tires, the tires will look like they came from a clown car. Do yourself a favor and if you’re ordering this kit, get yourself a set of resin wheels with it. I used Tamiya IJN grey green for the paint, techmod decals # 72059 for the decals. I also used Eduard canopy mask. First time I’ve ever used them and I am amazed how well the canopy turned out. I would not have finished this kit without the canopy masks as when I got ready to mask, I realized that with 44 year old eyes and an optivizor, I still was not going to be able to do a good job in less than a week because of the rounded corners on the glass. Using the Eduard masks, I did the job in 20-30 minutes… Next time I need to mask in 1/72, I’ll be buying them again.

This model represents Pilot Tetsuzo Iwamoto, Oppama Kokutai, Oppama Airbase, Japan, February, 1943.













Airfix 1/72 A6M2 model 21 Zero Continued

Some further work done on the Zero. An oil wash of Paynes grey in the panel lines. The decals are applied into puddles of Future acrylic floor wax. That’s the staining that can be seen in some of the images. When I dull coat, these should disappear. All of the sub assemblies have been brought together and all the parts are now on the plane. The only remaining task are some paint touch ups, paint chipping and a dull coat. I might use a bit of Tamiya weathering pastels too since I have them and have yet to use them.