Back in the saddle…. or how to finish what you started…

After building the very nice Airfix Scooter, I thought I’d try a quick turn around and get something else done. Looking through my stash in the garage, I pulled out an Academy B-47 Stratojet which I last touched in March of 2013!. As I looked at it, I realized that I’d started to mask it for painting. So I decided to take the kit in and finish her up. I’d also obtained a set of decals for her that were from a 2000 modeling show in California. Apparently someone sent me the set so I have a pretty interesting bird to model. B-47’s weren’t known for their colorful markings. I think the last I was looking at this kit I was thinking of a WHIFFER in Australian Naval Reconaissence colors because the Aussies apparently contemplated buying them from the US. Anyhow… here’s the finished paint with the gloss coat on ready for decaling. Note that the Tamiya tape came off after two years without issue…


Here’s what she should look like..



CA Party

The wing to fuselage joint on this kit is tight… There was no need for gap filling. However, because the gap is so tight it’s difficult to get a good seam on the top of the wing. I put some CA on the seam and then dropped some baking soda onto the CA to cure it. A light sanding with some nail files knocked the CA/baking soda down quickly. Now onto rescribing the panel lines.


Landing gear work-up

I worked on the landing gear this afternoon. Simply cleaned up the parts and sprayed them testors acrylic aluminum color. The tires were painted by hand with Vallejo black-grey. I then gave the parts an oil wash thinned with lighter fluid. I don’t think I’ll bother high-lighting any of the raised detail as the wheels struts aren’t very visible. Pics speak for themselves… Enjoy